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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

World's Worst Mother?

My mum always wore Bonds Cottontails.  100% cotton, full coverage, pastel colours.
My 2yr old spawnette came into my room this morning sporting her Dora underpants in a massive wedgie.  "Look! Just like you Mum!"  I laughed and laughed, all the time thinking 'I'm the world's worst mother!'.  Needless to say, I never wear cottontails, but it got me to thinking.  Why would I think that my choice in underwear could affect my performance as a mother?
  Media, internet, my own childhood, social groups - everywhere there are stories and images about what a good mother is, what she sounds like, what she dresses like, what she does in her spare time.  It can be very difficult stick your head over the parapet and say "NO!"  I'll do what I like, and I AM a good mum.  I don't think being a good mum is about always succeeding.  I don't always succeed in being calm, in being fair, in being creative, in serving edible vegetables.  I'm not a superhero.  But, I try to listen when they complain about something, I let them show me pieces of dirt in the yard, I try to take them outside somewhere to play even when I think its boring and I can't be bothered.
   I love them, and I'm trying.
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