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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Trying to Stay Sane

I try to do "positive parenting", by using positive language and being clear on my expectations.  But sometimes, I get  into ridiculous moments.  "I AM HAVING A NICE SHOWER, AND YOU ARE WAITING QUIETLY IN THE LOUNGE ROOM!"  Really?  'Cos anyone looking on would be thinking "Looks to me as though you are standing naked in the bathroom, yelling at three kids who are bickering/whinging/trying to push their way through the door at the same time."
  The Panda is away for work at the moment, so I have lots of strategies to stay sane.  One of which has been to make a calendar of events and activities that the spawn can follow.  I've got to say, it has been a huge success! I think its because they have a sense of being involved in what we're doing, and they can anticipate good things in the future.  Its also great for me, because it breaks up a long, adult-less day!  And I have been trying to go with the flow, like for instance when Bigspawn decides that a much better activity is sticking crayons in his hat!
 Anyway, I got a good haul of fabrics from the op-shop, for only 50c or $1 per piece, so I'll be entertaining myself sewing up some winter tops.

 I'll also be (obviously) spending waaaay too much time on the internet (check out these homo-erotic craft prints, hilarious!)  AND,  I think I might have come up with the perfect project for the 'happy shorts'!

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  1. Your calender of events is a great idea. I think I might try to do something similar. A very effective way to make sure that everyone is informed. Love it.
    You're one rock'n mama.


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