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Monday, May 24, 2010

The Panda is Back!

There's no petrol in my car, even though I haven't driven it, my last breakfast fruit has been moved or eaten, and it looks as though a raccoon has scattered the clean washing all over my bed.  No, no raccoons, the Panda is back!

I love that he's back, but I got so much sewing done while he was away!  Three long sleeve tops with my op-shop fabric,
and I finished off my "Cuddle-fish".  At first I thought "what the?  I've created the ugliest, oddest thing, I'm not sure I can give it to a baby".  Turns out though, it is kind of cuddly, and the spawn have taken to it.  Now for some reason I'm thinking 'tadpoles'.  Don't ask how the mind of a Screamstress works, cos nobody knows :).

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