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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Good Day - and a Fabulous Pizza

As an At-Home-Mum I sometimes feel invisible.  That's why I 'get' this blogging thing.  When you have a trial, or a triumph, its nice to tell someone, its nice to share and feel seen.
  When I stood cold footed and foggy in my kitchen making toast, and tried to take a swig of coffee from the jam jar, I didn't know that today would be a Good Day.  We made muffins and decorated them in three shades of awful.  The spawn ate the icing off and left the rest on the barbeque.  We ran around a playground, we came home and watched some TV.  Pretty ordinary, but then, a day without tears (my own) is a good day, and I'm proud of the way I'm coping by myself.
   And then dinner, a TRIUMPH!
  I tried a new recipe for Pizza Crust with only four ingredients including beer.
I poked, punched and pushed it into a pizza tray.
Painted it with sauce, 
topped and baked it,
I was the only adult to eat it... and it was MARVELLOUS!

Easy Easy Pizza Crust (Thanks to
3 cups flour, 1 tbs baking powder, 1 355ml bottle of beer, 1 tsp salt
Combine all ingredients well.  Turn out onto a floured surface and roll to your desired thickness.  Place on a greased tray.  Top with sauce and toppings and bake in a moderate oven until golden (about 30 mins).

Here's wishing you a Good Day too!  Oh, and leave me a comment so I know I've been seen!


  1. Excellent looking pizza, yum! Glad you had a good day, it was super sunny here which made me feel good. Hope the rest of your week is good too, keep smiling xo

  2. Cool pizza. A good day is definately one without tears and screaming, from child or parent!

  3. I check out your blog every day - love it.
    Max xxx

  4. I love home-made pizza!! Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  5. looks delicious - love your blog but love you more :-)

  6. Yum! Looks fantastic. Come to our place anytime and bake it! :)

  7. You just decided on our supper! Beer in pizza, rolled up in one...yum!

  8. Great to catch you today. Must try that pizza recipe - looks YUM. (how may points??????!)

  9. I just happened upon your blog, from where I don't land is very odd! Pizza looks delicious! I am hungry, so time to wake up the boyfriend and have dinner! Thanks for the recipe....

  10. Finally got around to making this. It was yum! (Half quantities fed two adults.)


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