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Monday, May 3, 2010

Gone to the Derby

What did I do this weekend?  Oh, the usual, baked some muffins, made lasagne, took the kids out to the playground...then ran away to the roller derby!

 Why derby?

I've always loved dressing up...
And when I was ten my Dad bought me a pair of Redstone skates, and I thought, No, I WAS, the coolest thing on wheels!
  But Derby is more than dressing up and rolling around.  I go to derby, and I can choose what I want to be.  I'm not "Muuuuummmmy!", I'm not "Have you seen my car keys luv?", I'm not shopping lists, wet washing or why didn't I get a good job?  For a few hours every week I can be whatever I like, I can talk to the huge range of strong, determined, warm, funny women who also enjoy getting on skates and being what they like.   I miss bedtimes a few times a week, but I think the spawn are better off having a mother who is getting out there giving it a shot, because that's what I always tell them to do! 

Special thanks to the Panda, without him there would be no escape.


  1. ABSOLUTELY! The spawn ARE better off having a mother who is getting out there giving it a shot! Your children watch everything you do so it is important that you too live a balanced life where there is time for you. Wonderful!
    You go girl!!!

  2. You make it sound so awesome. And you're absolutely right, having something just your own is a good example for the kidlets too.


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