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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hot Scones!

I hate the cold.  I lose feeling in my hands and feet, the spawn drive me crazy and tear up the house, I'm forced to wear lots of hideous bulky clothes and usually end up doing the dishes in my slippers, a polar fleece vest and tracksuit pants to keep warm.  So instead of whinging, (whoops! too late!)  I thought I'd share some good things.

1.  I like winter food.  I love chucking ingredients in a casserole dish and running the oven for 2 or 3 hours.  The house is warm, and the casserole is delicious!   I also like serving soup for dinner.  I discovered this delicious, cheap and easy recipe for Cheese and Garlic Scones, which is perfect on the side (add more garlic and only 3/4 cup of milk though).

2. I found this beautiful fabric in the op-shop, but didn't buy it because I was trying to be frugal.  I went back a week or two later, and it was on the $2 rack!

3.  I have an 80's theme do to go to.  So I got a maternity jumper from the op-shop and chopped off the sleeves to be leg warmers.  Then I felt bad about wasting the body part, so I re-aligned the side seams and cut the neck into an off-the-shoulder style.  One fab costume done!

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