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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Who's Afraid of the Multigrain Rice?

I've been raving about my new favourite thing, my multigrain rice, to my friends, but it seems they're too scared to try it!  So here's a pictorial tutorial!
Here is how it starts off
 And heres how it ends up after you've slowly simmered it for about half an hour, its almost the consistency of minced beef.  Put plenty of water in because it will absorb at least 3 times its volume.  You can simmer it in the microwave on 80% power, or do it on the stove.  (Just don't put it on the stove and then go into the computer room and forget all about it, because thats just silly and dangerous.  I'm guessing, its not like I do that...)

  So once its done you can do whatever you choose with it!
If you add egg, breadcrumbs and spices (pepper, cumin are my faves) it makes a really tasty vegie burger for the barbeque.
But tonight we've gone for nachos.  All I've done is fry the multigrain rice in a frying pan, added Mexican spice with a little extra water, then put the lot on some corn chips (or Grainwaves for me because I am a little more health conscious than Panda), topped with cheese and baked in the oven for 20 minutes.  When it comes out we put salsa and some extra light cream cheese on top, and eat it from the coffee table in front of the TV!  Good times!


  1. Does it taste like a cross between white and brown rice?

  2. I'll have to go in search for that, Asian grocers???

  3. AH! It looks a little bin like maggots crawling around in my insides...
    I'm sure it tastes nice though *seedy glance*


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