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Monday, May 17, 2010

Stepping Out - Introducing Shortie the Happy Lion

I think I made the right decision, to share the love.  (See my post "Happy Shorts - Madness or Genius?", and yes, it is the lace I wore in my hair!)  I was inspired by FOUR of my friends announcing their pregnancies!

I am absolutely exhausted after a really successful solo weekend of spawn activities, playgrounds, and in the evenings working overtime (obviously inspired by The Pink Whimsy Scissors of Industry.)  In addition to Shortie, I completed
this apron with a large pocket for a good friend
 this boring but practical winter top using my 50c fabric
 and began on Flattie the Happy Flounder!
So I have decided to pass on The Pink Whimsy Scissors of Industry, plus a little inspiration, to my friend over at The Doily.  Who knows when they may come and inspire you too?


  1. Oh I *heart* the happy lion muchly. So very ace.

  2. EEK! Those scissors of industry have been calling.. Hmmm, What to do next?


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