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Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Shorts - Madness or Genius?

I had a great weekend, I went to an 80's themed Roller Disco.  But now I have a terrible secret, and a dilemma I need help with.  You see, I have fallen in love.
  When I saw them in amongst the crowd I was captivated, so bright! so right! but Oh, so wrong.
  I'm talking about the shorts.  At first I thought they were sooo hideous.  They have lots of bright colours all woven together in checkers.  They have a waistband that sits on my ACTUAL waist, which means they also have a fly thats 25cm long.  They have gathers in the front, and capacious pockets that can fit your hands, plus a first aid kit, a hat AND a handbag.
  But every time I look at them I can't help thinking "What lovely happy colours!"  "What fluid drape and handle!"  "What useful pockets!" 
  So I was thinking.  Maybe if I lowered the waist band and removed the gathers, and either left them as shorts, or made them into a skirt?  In summer, accessorized with a white tank and sandals?
  Am I a genius, or have I just gone mad?

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  1. good lord you look 15 in this photo


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