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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Sunshine Award Game

Good Morning!  I have been tagged in the sunshine award game by Emma at Frog, Goose and Bear.
I have to tell you seven things that you may not know about me.  So here we go:
1. I didn't eat mushrooms for about five years after mistaking a slug for a mushroom.
2. The work I'm most proud of is this quilt I made 100% by hand for my Dad.  It is the view of some ruins as seen through the crumbling stonework of another ruined building.  It is based on the cover photograph from his book, Farina From Gibbers to Ghost Town.

3. I got my car licence when I was 31 and had 3 children.  Before that, I rode a vespa style scooter around Melbourne.
4. My favourite book is The Dressmaker by Rosalie Ham
5. I was Dux of my high school, dropped out half way through my uni degree, then worked at McDonalds.
6. When I was younger, I was always self conscious of my rosy red cheeks.
7. I love singing very loudly, but only do so occasionally when I'm excited about something.

And now I'm passing on the award to:
Made in Australia by Stephanie
All Toile and No Reward
Art and Sole
 I've only picked three as the spawn are nipping at my heels, but I look forward to finding a little more about you all!  Completely no pressure though! 


    1. Oh thank you for picking fun!!! I can understand why you would stop eating mushrooms...gross! Did you actually eat the slug??? I love the quilt by the way :)

    2. Fun finding out some interesting things about you. Thanks for playing along! That quilt is fantastic and I'm feeling a little squeamish about the slug incident......

    3. I laughed at your slug experience. Sorry!

    4. Thankyoooou, will do my answers sometime this week.

      You ate a slug??? please tell me you never actually ate a slug! *bleugh*


    Hello! I love that you've had a rummage through - let me know your thoughts! Feel welcome to use the 'Anonymous' choice, but please leave your name, I have an overactive imagination!

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