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Friday, July 9, 2010

Bumblebees Shouldn't Be Able to Fly

According to modern science, bumblebees shouldn't be able to fly.  But of course they can.  For so many reasons, these shorts should be declared a complete fashion disaster.
But they're not.  I don't know why they work, but strangely they do.
 I made them from a vintage maxi skirt late at night.  (Maybe that's obvious!)  The pattern is the bottom half of a jumpsuit pattern, and its a lovely shape, so soon I think I will make it up.  Only in the land of derby can I delight in dress-ups!
And now because I have *confession* already got 12 pairs of roller derby shorts, I'm going to list them on my Etsy store to see what the universe says.


  1. They do! They do work! Derby on!

  2. I love hotpants, trouble is they don't love me! This pair are foxy - well done!

  3. Great shorts. Very funky indeedy.

  4. Awesome shorts - awesome arse!

  5. I think they work because the vertical lines are really flattering--even if it's a funky retro print. And the cut is simple. Super cute.

  6. Hey there Em, what shorts? Too busy checking out the arse!!! Nice shot - the shorts look good too!!!


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