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Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Creative Space

This week I'm feeling a bit frustrated, what with the elephant that won't sit, I've lost my wool needle, and Ray G is hanging around, and I think its time I let go of him!
I have been thinking about a onesey in the 70's stripe, and I've been trialling some lettering for some aprons...
I'm going to try and get some creative mojo back by visiting all the creative spaces over at Kootoyoo!


  1. That 70s stripe is ace! Looking forward to observing its transformation.

  2. hate it when the creativity bug deserts. elephant is very sweet. why don't you make a little patchwork ball for him to sit on in place of the orange

  3. Oh dear - don't you hate it when you lose an essential crafty tool. I hope you find the wool needle and your inspiration too!

  4. ONESEY! Seriously, I've been unsuccessfully trying to change the Toxic Avengers uniform to a onesey for several years now.


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