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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Respectable Jumper Into Hot Skirt and Leggings

When I bought this jumper at the op-shop, I thought it would come in handy for looking respectable.  Turns out, I don't really like respectable, because I hate this jumper and never wear it.  Also, I think the silly upside down drawstring makes my boobs look saggy (yes, its the jumper!)
 So today I've turned it into a skirt and leggings.  This is not a full tutorial, but you can see the basic steps.
Decide how long you want your skirt, and cut.
Put on your 'skirt' inside out and take in some darts at the side seams to fit.
I used a jersey offcut to make an elastic casing.  Thats the skirt done.
Now for leggings, I lay an existing pair of leggings on the jumper sleeves, lining up the crotch with the underarm.  Then I just cut around, sew the centre front and centre back seams, and pop some elastic around the top!
(The shoulder seam does create an odd pattern when you use a striped jumper.)
 Next step, put on wonderful new outfits and look fabulous!


  1. Ace! Thank you, I was just talking about this very thing to a friend today saying how I wanted to turn a jumper into some kid pants...Thanks for the tips. Peta

  2. Thanks for the mini tute! Love the skirt. I love mini's!

  3. No saggy boobs in site hehe... I have a long sleeve shirt which I have ready to do this to now!!

    Xo Steph

  4. Brilliant re-fashion. Top stuff :)

  5. This is BRILLIANT! I want to race off to the opshop right now in search of respectable tops to makeover.


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