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Monday, July 26, 2010

Gone Crackers for Derby!

 This weekend I...
Began work on a challenge I've been given to bake some savoury snacks, when I achieve a result I'm really happy with I'll share it.  
These water crackers were too thick and bland.
 These cheese and herb were too dry, and needed salt.  They didn't have any for health reasons (and because I lost the salt.)
 And on Sunday I took a break from being responsible housewife and mother, and slipped far too enthusiastically into the role of NUMBER ONE FAN!  Woot Woot!
I had a blast, and I have  to say thanks for the team of people behind me.  The White Cloud for taking on the spawn, Lil' Sis for giving her a break, BFF for helping out with dinner/bath/bedtime, and Uncle Gocky for driving me there and back.  Thanks everyone!  And it also makes me think, if it took four people to do my job, I'm not doing too bad.

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