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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Showers with the Chance of Crazy Late in the Day

This weekend I
  • ate a whole packet of chocolate biscuits
  • drank vodka and cordial during the kids bathtime
  • told the Panda I hated him
  • made a revolting meatloaf
  • ran away
  • melted a big hole in my washing basket in front of the heater
  • cried and got in bed
  • was forgiven
  • went to a party with wonderful rollergirls
  • refashioned a shrunk jumper into a warm vest
  • went for a nature walk with the spawn
and now I'm working on appliqueing a derby skirt.  Sewing calms the savage beast - pop in tomorrow to see how it turns out.
  How was your weekend?


  1. Not quite as eventful! Sounds like yours was pretty full, glad you got though it and managed to get out with the girls too. Hope your week is a little calmer. Keep warm xo

  2. Less dramatic than yours. Didn't get as much done as I'd like - feeling a bit sniffly and sorry for myself... and when I did turn my hand to something creative all seemed to go wrong. So all in all a bit blah.

  3. Bless managed to fit a lot in :) Sounds like the straw that broke the camels back... I love the vodka at bath time comment though, sometimes we have to do something a little naughty xxx

    My weekend? Thanks for asking consisted of Netball, running, auskick, blogging, bowling, uploading, unpicking, buying fabric, wonder I was in bed at 730pm on Saturday. Ooo long comment sorry ;)

  4. Sounds like a pretty typical weekend at our house - only I can't sew.

    Hope you're feeling better xxx

  5. Gotta love those honest posts! Makes us all feel real and we're not the only ones. I eat a whole packet of chocolate biscuits on a far too regular basis. Can't say I've tried vodka and cordial at bath time - but I've felt like it and I've certainly gone to bed in tears and made many a revolting meal!

    This may not be the time, but I've just tagged you for a blog award if you want to join in. head on over to see what it is about. no pressure.

  6. Sounds like my weekend in many respects.....thank goodness for sewing I say (or I might really go batty!)

  7. Hahaha! Love it! You were SUPER productive ~ love that you even baked a sorry cake later on :)


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