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Monday, July 5, 2010

An Old Friend, A New Blog

 I'd like to introduce someone.  She's been the Bette to my Barbara, the Patsy to my Edina, the Agnetha to my Frida.
She came on family summer holidays,
together we survived the great hair-disaster of '92,
and numerous New Year's Eves.
She zipped up my wedding dress, and held my hand at Dad's funeral.
So, a toast to friendship!
And because she looks up to me so much (ha ha teasing!) she has begun her own blog, over at, so go on over and see what she's up to.*  Be sure to scroll right down to the bottom and check out some awesome retro album covers.

  Max, the wondeful world of blog awaits, here are some jumping off points!
Melbourne Epicure beautiful photos and much deliciousness.
EcoMILF dedicated to eco-friendliness and great vegetarian ideas.
Littegreenbums Winner of the Screamstress Award for Allround Awesomeness
Art and Sole amazing paperart and fantastic cooking too.

*I take NO responsibility for opinions or profanities expressed by Max, luv ya!


  1. you are such a great friend!!
    i'd love to be a fly on the wall at your get togethers, looks like a whole lotta fun

    p.s my word verification is 'braces'

  2. Shucks, Screamstress. I'm starting to feel bad for all the awful things I always say behind your back.

    Love you too xx


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