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Friday, June 4, 2010

By Popular Demand - My Undies!

Well, due to popular demand, here are MY UNDIES! Ta Da!
I made the first pair because I had a small piece of fabric left over from the derby shorts I made.  They turned out to be so comfortable, I went through my stash to make some more!
As you can see they are mega-easy, elastic in the waist only (kind of a french style?) so they are very quick and cheap to make.  The pattern is drafted from another pair of knickers I had and liked.
So now I'm out of the closet, I wear home-made undies.  Now I want to know, who else is brave enough to come out and post their self-sewn-smalls?


  1. Are they really that easy? I've been wanting to try and do this for quite some time. Do you have a tutorial or instructions? Where did you find out how to make them....questions a plenty
    dlbrandmeyer @ gmail .com

  2. Good for you! They're really quite fetching. (Can I say that?)

  3. Yay! I've cut out a few pairs but have yet to sew them together. Great to know they work.

  4. yay for your undies!!!
    i wish I could make them.
    happy birthday to your twins aswell.

  5. I've made a couple of pairs, I was even brave enough to post about them as well. They are very easy and require very little fabric and are easy to jazz up with small pieces of lace. I've been meaning to make more for a while now. I wish bra making was as simple.

  6. How do you finish the leg seams? Do you add a lining in the gusset? What type of elastic at what width? These are very nice looking, they look comfy! I'd love to make some but dread faffing around with elastic, so waist only appeals to me (and probably reduces the dreaded VPL as well.

    Word verification: coatire (I suppose that's what flashers wear)

  7. Hi Dawn! Love to help out, but can't contact you! See if you can enable your e-mail, or just e-mail me it :)


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