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Friday, June 25, 2010

Happiness is ...

the wind in your 'kite'
 and a good friend popping over with her op-shop bag for me to rummage through!
And, yes, they are plastic shopping bags with yarn tied on.  The panda was taking out his fancy aerobatic kite and I grabbed some bags and yarn as we ran out the door, just to stop the spawn hassling him.  But our bag-kites worked much better than his, and were played with for the rest of the day!  Its true about appreciating the simple things.


  1. Agreed! We constantly seem to over complicate stuff these days. I love that you've grabbed stuff that was handy and made a day of fun - outside - that your small persons will remember for quite a while I reckon. P

  2. I should try those next time. They have attempted home made kites before and ended up in complete frustration. I had never thought of paper bags before. When my youngest (19months) is bored, I let her loose in the "second drawer down" in the kitchen and she remains entertained for so much longer than when directed toward the toy basket.

  3. I need friends like that! (And look at you, up to 21 followers! Well done!


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