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Monday, June 7, 2010

Eight Answers with Kate

 Kate from Fox's Lane has invited us all to 'share', so...
  1. I love Greek Salad and grilled fish.  Simple, fresh.
  2. Would you consider it quirky that I enjoy making the happy face biscuits with different and sometimes slightly evil expressions?
  3. I was named after a paddlesteamer, the Emily Jane.
  4. I  feel passionate about teaching my kids that every person has a different story, and that every story has value.  Regardless of background, education, vocation, accent, appearance and all the other random things that people are judged on.
  5. Thongs in summer, two pairs of socks and boots in winter.
  6. Before kids I sewed when I wanted to and went to the beach.  My spawn have been my biggest challenge, and most heartfelt endeavour, and the one thing that I really care about being good at.
  7. Arrested?  No!  
  8. This weekend was a doozy!  I worked Saturday morning, then came home and had a birthday party for my three year old twins.  Sunday I officiated at a Roller Derby bout, raced home to give the kids dinner, bath and put them to bed, then headed out to the after party where I sucked at snooker and had a delicious beer I can no longer remember the name of!


  1. Love the bit about the biscuits! Such an interesting girl you are, Emily Jane? (Did I even know you had a real name?)

  2. Named after a paddle steamer! Wow, that's pretty special. I loved finding out a bit more about you and I really liked your answer to number 4. It's great having you in blogland, have a happy week! xo

  3. Lovely to get to know you a little more. I love greek salad too. So yummy yummy yummy! I adore that you're pationate about teaching your children the value of everyone's story. Great answer.

  4. Nice to meet you Emily Jane. My name is Emma Jane......
    You don't live in Echuca - a lovely paddlesteamer city - by any chance do you??

  5. greta post. busy girl. it must have been very good beer if you can't remember the name of it. greta to get a picture of the blogger behind the blog

  6. Hooray and thanks so much for playing Ms Emily Jane. i loved reading your answers and getting to know you a bit better. That pic at the top of your post makes me want to book a holiday somewhere warm so I can sit on the grass and wear a singlet. I hope you are having a great week so far and maybe even sneaking in a bit of sewing.


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