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Monday, June 21, 2010

Beautiful Calendars Into Envelopes

I draft most of my own patterns.  Which is great, but it becomes hard to find things amongst all the little pieces of folded tissue paper.  I also keep old calendars, because the pictures are beautiful and I'm always sure I will be able to do something with them.  And now I've thought of what!
 I made these envelopes very quickly, and only with sticky tape, nothing flash.
But they look pretty,
and can now be neatly filed away in my wonderfully organized filing system. 
Update: Its true they say great minds think alike, Emma has also made some beautiful envelopes from calendars, and used them as seed packets!


  1. You boggle my mind. This is just lovely, and so eco-cool!!

  2. What a very funky calendar! I've done the same thing, but made them into seed packets.

  3. What a great idea! Will have to try this sometime :)


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