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Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Creative Space

Taking over the derby world, one butt at a time!
 My creative space is full of derby shorts commissions this week, which is exactly how I like it!
 I love sewing for derbygirls because choosing your 'boutfit' (the uniform in which you skate) is a real creative endeavour, it expresses who you are and celebrates difference.So this week I've been doing bold yellow stars, nostalgic girly ruffles, and sporty silver speed stripes.
  And a little bit of quilting for myself on the side :)
Head over to kootoyoo for more creative spaces!


  1. I love a sport where the uniform is as imporatnt as the game!
    Love the sound of the shorts you are making.

  2. Ha ha. Love it. All crafters should be allowed to take over the world one butt at a time. Loving the stars and ruffles. You girls will rock that Derby!

  3. Roller derby sounds like it would be awesome, and the uniforms look great!

  4. oh, YAY! i've been meaning to get on and see a derby, i've seen the adverts about town.

    Your boutfits are looking good.


  5. Looks incredible...I love the one with the star!

  6. What a fun project to be working on! Looking good :-)


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