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Monday, October 18, 2010

Feeling Hopeful

I went down to the city on the weekend with a few of my - I was going to say 'girlfriends', but it doesn't do them justice, hmmnn... lets start again.
  I went down to the city on the weekend with a few mighty women I love for their resilience and intelligence, for some op-shopping and lunch.
It was a lovely day, and when I reviewed my haul in the evening I felt hopeful.

Hopeful that I will be able to forego TV and use my quiet evenings alone reading a beautiful story I have been wanting to read for a while.
Hopeful that the sun will soon be shining and I will be able to wear my new cute ($2!) sandals.
Hopeful that my black rice will be delicious, and I will be able to make my own version of my favourite multigrain rice (the shop that stocked it closed down :( )
We also have a caravan and annex on our front yard!  We have the use of Mum and Dad's caravan now, and I am hopeful of happy sunny family holidays.  Just seeing that rolled up annex door is a picture of happiness for me.  Summer holidays with family and friends are some of my warmest carefree memories, and putting all the worry aside, that is one thing that I would like to give my children.


  1. Giving your children wonderful summer holiday memories is one of the best gifts you can give them. Happy planning! xo

  2. you've given me Caravan Envy, and we all know the only cure for that.

    Where've you been, Lady? Been missing your posts lately!


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