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Monday, November 1, 2010

Bloomers for Meanie*

I have been enjoying myself sewing derby shorts for the girls, each girl asks for something different, a little reflection of themselves.  Meanie* (not her real name) asked for ruffles, so ruffles she got.  The weight and stretch of the fabric meant that I had to make the ruffles first (which is actually pleated), then attach them to the shorts' legs.
I cut strips of fabric, then used a kebab stick to fold the fabric into pleats as I basted them.

 I attached two rows on the legs, and then I removed the original basting so that the legs still had maximum stretch.
 Then I added little bows because I thought it would look cute!
These are for roller derby, but they would be gorgeous on a little girl for summer, and the self made pleated trim could be used for anything!


  1. Those bows seal the deal. Adorable!

  2. I agree with Wendy, the bows top off a gorgeous set of bloomers. Lucky Meanie.

  3. I love them!!!
    Will be trying your cracker recipe soon, Texas has finally cooled off. AMEN

  4. I don't know which are hotter - these shorts or the wearer...or the maker, perhaps?? :) Gorgeousness times three.


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