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Friday, October 1, 2010

Sunny Days

 The weather is slowly improving, and the grass is soooo green!  The White Cloud entertains the spawn old-school style, which I love (and so do they).
Big S loves his 'Lightning McQueen' jumper, which cost his Nona $30, and he is forever trying to pick it out of the washing.  When I found this plain black jumper for $3.50 I had the idea to applique it with some offcuts from the quilt I made for him, and Voila!  A second favourite jumper. 
 I tried to get a good picture, but everyone had to get in on the action, as usual!
When I have a scattered brain, I find a good rummage soothing.  It must be the primal drive to forage and gather, but it does help me chill out when I have too much on my mind.  I'm lucky that the op-shop down the road has everything $1 in big bins, perfect for rummaging.
 Today I got a green top, and Astro Boy t-shirt, and a 100% wool hand crocheted retro poncho.  I don't know where I would ever wear it, but I couldn't resist all that hard work for only $1!  I might find a friend who would like it.  I also got a big bag of covered coathangers for $2, I'm not sure why.


  1. I know why you got the coat hangers..because they're great! Much better than nasty wire ones (just ask Joan Crawford). Love the shot of the kids, aren't they ace?
    Hope you get lots of sunshine over your way this weekend xo

  2. Astro Boy and a poncho in one op-shop trip? That's amazing! Love your blog - I've been a follower for a wee while now xo


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