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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Where Have You Been?

A few people have noticed I have been a bit lax with my posting lately.  Where have you been Screamstress?
Out fighting crime, naturally!
Fighting the avalanche of washing waiting to be folded/washed/dried, and that threatens to overtake most of the floor space.
Fighting the urge to feed the spawn 2 minute noodles for dinner (again).
Battling with my cryptonite enemy, Oestrogen, which every so often weakens me and renders me unable to perform simple arithmetic or see the sense in anyone else's point of view.
I love to know I've been missed, so keep watching the skies (or the kitchen sink, which is my superhero hangout most of the time!) xo Screamstress


  1. Woah looking hot and ready for some super-heroine action!! Haha! Two-minute noodles! Yes!! xo

  2. Welcome back, then! Really loving the superhero gear....

  3. Great post. One of the reasons why I love your blog so much is your honesty, along with a sense of humour. Gorgeous photo!

  4. Welcome back Super Screamstress! I've completely lost the plot with my blog at the mo' but still enjoying having a squiz at others.


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