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Friday, April 23, 2010

Ugly Old Men's T-Shirts

Recycling old fabric is a fantastic cheap way to get your hands on some funky and unusual fabrics.  I have always loved the thrifty mentality of mending or re-using something you already have.  Some of my favourite bloggers do the same, check out this cool printed tea-towel cushion, and this cute smurfy linen/fabric.

One of my favourite ways of re-cycling is to get an ugly old man's t-shirt (I'm describing the t-shirt, not the former owners, who are probably quite nice) with a cool print.  This idea came from a t-shirt I bought the panda for a costume party.  He never wore it, but I loved the 80's emu print and couldn't throw it away.  After a few months of looking at it, I re-shaped it into a ladies t-shirt, and I loved the result!

The pattern I use is one I made myself, it has a deep v front and back, and you just lay out the pattern piece and cut - the existing sleeve seam forms a cute cap sleeve effect.

I now keep my eyes out for cool (or just odd) prints on t-shirts, like this "Ballan Skate Park" t-shirt I got from my favourite $1 bin.


  1. hey that looks great! I've just been online searching for instructions on how to make undies out of old t'shirts. Stay tuned...that might not be a picture blog tho. Hope you are having a great weekend.

  2. Looks fantastic!

    I found this YouTube tutorial on kiddies pants from tops - I have made fifty ten of them for my 13 mth old son. We've got some interesting ones so far and more to come!

    I've also got some long sleeved tops and make him leggings out of them! I LOVE recycling clothes!


  3. I totally agree that men should definitely get rid of these shirts! Recycling shirts arethe best way to get rid of them.


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