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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Goodbye Dad

It has now been about seven weeks since my father died, and it is really sinking in now that he is dead. It sounds strange, because I knew that, but now as time goes on and he doesn't call to nag me, and everytime I think "I'll tell Dad! No wait, I can't" it is really, slowly, penetrating through that this is the world without him now. When I was in high school I wrote this poem:

Like an old white shirt now frayed and anaemic,
From too much wear,
My parents have lost their starch.
Limp and pilled, strained seams and loose buttons,
They're collar-grimed.
Too much stress and tugging children,
Have caused their inner pockets,
To stand out and show how time,
Has leeched their life,
Depositing lint in its place.
Eventually they'll be shoved in a cupboard as rags,
And the offspring that pulled them apart,
Will only come when an old rag is needed,
Heedless of the shirt, it used to be.

I wrote this about my parents, but now its about me! And I think I'm ready to cut up Dad's old shirt, and make sure the memory of him remains a part of the fabric of mine and mum's life. "For fabric thou art, unto fabric shall thou return."

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  1. Ah Em, You are not, and never will be an old rag. You are more like an op-shop gem glittering from the rack.


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