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Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Beginning

AAAAAHHHH! Screamstress, first post ever! I am complete novice at blogging, so we'll go for a basic background to start. I grew up in a regional town, dropped out of uni, met a man (the panda) blind drunk in a pub, married him, had a baby, got pregnant with twins, moved to Far North Queensland, had twins, got diagnosed with odd and unpredictable disease, moved back to regional hometown, got depressed. Take a breath, the story is not quite over.. Scraped pieces of myself from the corner of the kitchen floor, lost 25kg, started making quilts, joined roller derby, feed and clothe myself and family stylishly, trying not to go nuts, doing it on NO money EVER (sigh).


  1. Oh my wonderful Screamstress! How fantastic to see you here in the land o blog!
    I will wait till you have a couple o post on the go then link to you.. have you checked out 'my creative space'? at Kootooyoo (urm.. not sure o speling!) its an awesome weekly game and a great way to connect with them crafty bloggers!
    You rock my socks!

  2. Oh, and Im very envious of the romper suit!

  3. Yay! Love your header. Welcome to blogging. I'm sure you'll have much to say and I'm looking forward to reading it :-)


  4. Geez.... that is a lot of story! Looking forward to following your blogland journey.


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