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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bursting Bounty

So, bargain finds. I managed to find a bra at the op-shop, new with tags, for $3! It fits perfectly, in fact the only problem is that it closes at the front, and as I look down at that pretty plastic silver clasp it seems a likely possibility of popping and my bounty bursting forth. And then I'm saddened, because I remember that after feeding three spawn and losing all the weight, I no longer have bursting bounty. The worst that could happen now is a small swaying forth of my redundant bosom - which is, after all, not so bad. So I will wear my bargain bra, and find other ways of busting forth.

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  1. I have a great mental image now of you bursting all bosomy outta that new bra! :) Huzzah! here is a link to my most fave blogger Jodie, she goes to our craft group you know and she is my crafting hero!


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