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Thursday, April 29, 2010


My life is an autumn day of darkness and light.
  This morning I awoke naturally after a whole night of undisturbed sleep!  I went into the spawns' lair where they were quietly awake in their beds.  We sat in bed and made shadow animals on the wall with a torch, we laughed at someone's dinosaur, we waved the torch around like a little disco, we shushed each other because Daddy was still asleep.

In the moments of darkness, I scream too much.  Trying to brush my teeth, someone grabbing everything to throw in the bath, banging my nobbly elbow, someone crying and pulling on my clothes.  Trying to go out, someone's taken their shoes off again, someones pooed in their pants again, someones standing on a biscuit on the loungroom carpet, someones scratched someones face, someones got Daddy's glasses.

Bushman's Biscuits, baked with all the leftover little bits of dried fruits, nuts and chocolate from the pantry.  Delicious!  But the spawn don't like them.  They will when they're teenagers.  I hope I become a mother of teenagers.  I am very aware that my present is their past.  I hope they remember the moments of light, and forget the dark.

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  1. I know that feeling so well and when I'm having one of those moments I am always reminded of Munch's painting 'the Scream', The melty looking face and overwhelming silence sums it right up for me. Glad to have come across your lovely new blog!


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