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Monday, February 21, 2011

DIY Silk Screen Success! and Tutorial

 My previous efforts at printing on fabric were successful, but because I applied the stencil directly to the fabric, I could only use it once.  After a bit of research I came across this blog which has a great tutorial on how to make your own screen print using an embroidery hoop and an old nylon stocking.  I have done mine a little differently though.
First you get your design, you can make it a positive or a negative.  I made mine a negative because I wanted to enclose the skate in a rough heart.  You then trace your design onto a piece of contact.
Put a piece of stocking into the embroidery hoop, and pull it as tight as you can.
Cut your design pieces out of the contact.
Peel the backing off and stick them onto your frame.
Put a magazine, cardboard or a box inside your t-shirt, just make sure it is flat and reasonably heavy, because the paint might stick to anything too light. 
I chopped a piece off my kitchen sponge to use as an applicator, and lightly dabbed the paint onto the stencil in the frame.  (You can see the frame sitting on the t-shirt in the background.  You can also see that I have little stubby fingers.)
Gently remove the stencil, and allow to dry.  Check the instructions on the paint, I heat set them by giving them a spin in the tumble dryer.
Get carried away, I managed five t-shirts before the adhesive began to give up, but I'm sure if I let it dry out I could re-stick it.
  Last step, leave wet t-shirts and paint all over the lounge room after realizing you have three minutes to get to school to pick up your oldest son!
  Happy printing!

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  1. Clever use of an embroidery hoop, you go screen print your heart out, roller style. Love Posie


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