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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Everyone Else Is Doing It...

The Panda took me out on a lovely dinner for two, and as we shared sangria and tapas and chatted he asked me an odd question "Have you ever thought you might just try it?"  He was referring to kissing a woman, and his reasoning was that when you start hanging out with a group of people you begin to be influenced by them.  It got me to thinking about the other ways that being part of the 'derby family' has influenced me.
   I have learned that big cellulitey thighs are fine, even sexy.  That fleshy upper arms, hairy armpits, wobbly boobs, round stomachs, bony shoulders, nobby ankles, red cheeks and sweaty sweaty exertion are all cool, normal, wonderful!
I have considered getting a tattoo, after seeing so many bodies inked with beautiful, humourous, sometimes confronting images.  I have looked at myself and decided not to get a tattoo, that my body tells its own story of  family, struggle, sunshine, breastfeeding and mortality.
I have learned that people are people, and however you try to categorize them, there will always be some that can't be neatly placed in a box.
I am greatly looking forward to the next roller derby bout at the Chillout Festival, where I may be reffing (if I put in enough hard work!), and I will definitely be having a stall selling derby shorts, skirts, and dolls.  (Here's a sneak peek!)
Oh my goodness, no wonder I get tired!  But its all worth it ;)


  1. Always good to get out with your loved one! Good luck selling the derby shorts - they look fantastic.

  2. Haha I love it ~ male reasoning sometimes! What great things you have learned, better for you than hanging out with glossy mags that's for sure. Love the pics of you.
    Shorts and sock puppets look great!

  3. Great post. Made me think about my body image and appreciate the person I am.


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