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Thursday, March 3, 2011

ChillOut Bout Sneaky Peek!

So... I have been putting a fair bit of hardwork into making, refashioning and upcycling things for my ChillOut bout stall.  I was unsure at first but I thought I'd just "give it a stab".  And despite exhausting myself, I have really enjoyed playing around and making cute things that I couldn't possible have the time to wear all by myself!
Stretch velvet skirt with suspender detail.
Lycra and taffeta mini ruffle skirt (HELL to work with!)
Cute love heart bottom shorts.
Bloomer style
Drawstring sides
Classic stripe (refashioned ladies t-shirt)
One of my love skate t-shirts, done with my home-made screen print.
The PussySkate dolls- Mean Puss, Miss Hellcat, Moggy Oh'Kneel, Apocalypse Miaow and Kitten DeCapitate.  (These are all terrible puns on the skaters names!)
Fingers crossed it all goes well!

1 comment:

  1. Where and when is your stall, Emily?
    cheers, Ruby.


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