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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Midriff Tops Begone!

You know those tops you have, and you always put them on and THEN remember they're a bit short so you'll have to put something underneath, then you feel all lumpy and it doesn't sit right and you're running late so you just rip everything off and wear a t-shirt instead?
I kept these singlets because I liked the prints, even though they were always too short.  I got the t-shirt with the print I'd never wear for 20c, because it is nice and soft.  New fabric would just not work for this project.  All you do is cut the t-shirt into two bands, and stitch to the bottom of the singlets.
The trick is to make the join flat, and make the seam look like its just the hem of the singlet.
There!  No more I-can't-dress-myself angst.
But did I hear someone ask "where did that dodgy print go?"
I'd never wear it on my front, but I would wear it tongue-in-cheek on my butt!
(An aside - I realized how much extra this photo reveals about myself - the toy truck on the floor, the moving box full of books in the corner even though we've been here 2years we still don't have a bookcase, the stray thread clinging to my hip because my house has snipped threads that manage to get everywhere!)


  1. Genius! I'm totally stealing this idea...

  2. Oh I hate too-short tops and thanks to you I can scour the thrift shops for tops of any length I can refashion too! Will you stop it with the housework already;)? My place is a TIP!!! If I do interior shots I have to move piles of rubble first!


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