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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Spawnette loves matching at the moment, so I thought a nice gift idea for her friend's birthday would be matching skirts.  Annie the Cat had to be included too, of course!
I used some nice bright fabric scraps, made big pockets for 3yr old essentials like rocks and hankies.  One skirt has a yoke because I didn't have enough fabric.
As with most of my sewing projects I completed them at night when everyone was sleeping, so first thing in the morning we raced out to take some photos.  You can see my photo-taking shadow on the left, and on the right the tyre swing!
The only drawback is that until I made Annie the Cat a t-shirt, Spawnette is insisting on going topless so that she matches!


  1. Gorgeous! And your picture-taking-photo is looking very svelte!

  2. Oh that is so cute... wanting to be topless to match.
    The skirts are super sweet. Great fabric. Awesome pockets.

    ... and lovely shadow too :)

  3. Oh that's so funny, or not, depending on if you needed to be somewhere. I can just imagine my 3 yr old refusing to wear a shirt until I made one for the cat as well!

    The skirts are really cute, Abbey would love the deep pockets.

  4. Hehee love the matching stage! Cute skirts..


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