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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A New Quilt called Disarray

A new friend has had these 'block of the month' pieces languishing in her craft pile for years, so when she found out I love sewing (you'd only have to know me an hour or two to figure that one out!) she GAVE them all to me booyah!
  The original design is formal, traditional, neatly following a grid pattern.  So of course I had to mess it up!  There is something fascinating to me about the exceptions to the rules, the pressure points where things begin to fracture, the start of an unravelling.
  I have kept the formal grid for the main body, but will be cutting leaf shapes from different fabrics and appliqueing them in a pile which will be swept upwards across the quilt.  At this early stage I think I will leave the edges of the leaves raw, and hold them all down with the quilting.

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  1. Oh I got all teary looking at your work and your words. My blocks have gone to the best home possible.


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