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Friday, August 20, 2010

How'dya Like This Apple?

Hello Everyone!  Thankyou everyone for the ideas for delicious cracker flavours, I will definitely be trying lots of different varieties.  I have been a little quiet for a few reasons, as you know Panda is away so I am parenting (and indeed doing lots of things) alone.  It is times like these that the effort I have put into building relationships and becoming part of different communities really makes a difference.  Even though I do get lonely, the support I receive from friends and family is sometimes the only thing that keeps me moving forward.
In the past week one pair of pyjamas had a hole cut in, one tape measure got hacked up (to 'share'), and a monkey got a haircut.  I have lots of things like scissors and tape measures that the spawn find irresistably interesting.  So, inspired by this project over at my new favourite blog, I thought I would spend a quiet moment making a keepsafe jar.
Essentially it is a coffee jar with a felt circle 3cm bigger than the lid, gathered with a running stitch, stuffed and glued on top.  I sat it upside down to hold it on whilst gluing.
It looked like a jar wearing a shower cap, so I glued a leaf on the top, and some bright fabric around the base.  I think it turned out quite cute, although I have inadvertently created something ELSE to attract the spawns attention.  Have a great week!

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  1. Hi darlink - how are the wee sprouts? Hard times.... We missed you the other day, but look forward to catching up next week - your 'my pants becoming junior's pants and little miss's shorts' efforts are amazing - I stand (sit actually) in awe of you!!!!!
    Cheers big ears
    xxxxx all of us


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