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Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Creative Space

My creative space this week contains caraway cracker dough.  I love making crackers, rolling the dough so thin when you pick it up to put it on the tray it drapes like embroidered crepe de chine and the light shines through it.  This flavour was pronounced by adults to be 'delicious', and pronounced by spawn to be 'Um... I don't really like it'.
Also in my space, painting of one kind and another, and working on sashing for the Bluebird quilt.
Hope everyone else over at Kootoyoo is feeling inspired warm and safe!


  1. I've never made crackers but I love to eat them.

  2. I've never made them either but how fun!

  3. i guess caraway is quite an adult flavour. i bet they are yummy

  4. mhmmmm... sounds yumm.
    but what i may be interested in is a cracker recipe...
    any cookbook recipe will do, or would you like to share some tricks of the trade?
    cheerio, woolf

  5. I love the idea of those super thin crackers. I might have to have a go at some now that you've suggested them.


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