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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Love and Loss

I have finished the applique on the last block of the quilt I have been making for my mother.
This quilt includes pieces of all the other quilts I have made, as well as donations of fabric left over from my sisters' craft projects, and some fabric from my late father's shirt.
I miss my Dad.
I miss my Panda.  (Who is going away for three weeks to the middle of outback Queensland.)
I miss my first love, my friends who moved, my friends I don't see often enough.
I miss all those I've lost, forgotten, ignored, and neglected.
I love my spawn. (Showing off our table centrepieces depicting members of our family.)
I love sesame crackers, just about to be pounced upon from the corners of the frame.
I love skating.


  1. I haven't skated in years, at least 18, whenever i come to your blog I want to skate, but there is nowhere here to go skating...

    Love the quilt, full of shared memories. I have a ton of gig - shirts that I plan to turn into a quilt day!

  2. very special using some of your dads shirts in a quilt for your Mum.

    i love those table centrepieces. we have oranges coming out our ears here at the moment... maybe i should get the kids making some table centrepieces!

  3. Lovely :) The quilt looks great x

  4. I think of you often Em - but thinking isn't coming and visiting - I promise to come up soon.

    I love that "Helen Wheels" doll you made in the pic above - I think it's those tights :-)

    love, Jacinta

  5. love your quilt em, such a thoughtful idea..sorry to hear about your dad..


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