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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Derby Derby Derby

This is me reffing at my first ever bout! 
I only made three calls, fell over three players, and once all by myself.  I felt awkward, bright red and drenched in sweat.  And I loved it!

 I finished off the helmet panties for the juniors, the brief was "purple, white, black, something a bit special", and I think they turned out pretty darn special indeed!
 I re-fashioned some old t-shirts into cushions for re-sale, and thanks to some old halloween ribbon they turned out alright too.
 And whilst I only sold three items from my stall on bout day, in the week since I have sold five more pieces!   I love seeing the girls wearing my things! 
And last but not least, the hooligans that look so adorable, can exhaust all my patience and energy in the space of 5 minutes, but be forgiven in the flash of a smile.


  1. Love it! Everything looks so fun. Those helmet panties are the cutest!

  2. Hey Em, I finally made it onto your page, and love what you've done! Very cute shorts (maybe it was just the arse?!!) and the helmet undies!! Catch you soon :)


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