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Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Eyes of my Beloved

 As is sometimes the case, I was inspired by something I really didn't like at all.  I saw an art show, which made me frown, and not in a good way.  "If the artist can call that art, then there is nothing to say I cannot create something of interest and meaning, and call it art" I thought to myself.
  So following the current of my recent interest in the depths, I embarked on a piece.
I intended it to be ugly.
 It began as a piece about temptation.  I was going to call it "Take the Bait".
But, it seems, as usual, my hands know the inner workings of my mind before I do, and as I drew, cut, stitched, turned, stuffed and held it, I slowly fell in love. 
His working name is Andy.  He is so ugly, and his bait is unlikely to tempt anyone.  I felt for him.  Then I began thinking, maybe he wouldn't be so ugly to another angler fish...
So meet Angela.
Now it seems I have made a piece about beauty and the eyes of your beloved.  Because being loved for being beautiful is one thing, but I think I would prefer being known for being ugly and loved regardless.


  1. Oh My Goodness, I am crying! What a beautiful post. Maybe the art show wasn't that bad! It certainly inspired you to make a great work. And to my mind that is what should be an inspiration.

  2. Beautiful! It reminds of my favorite children's story, the Velveteen Rabbit. Maybe we'll be hearing of a Screamstress exhibition soon.... You're very talented and with such great meaning behind the pieces, it's something I'd love to see!


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