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Friday, January 21, 2011

The Depths of Imagination

Spurred on by my wonderful friends over at RedBrick Gallery and Emporium, I have looked into the depths of my imagination and found
a prawn
a whale shark
a whale shark funsize, because everyone knows things are MUCH more fun if they're SMALLER
a purse-sized squid, because of all the things in the world that you need to be able to fit into your purse, a squid has to be one of them
and from the darkest depths, the beginnings of an angler fish, fingers crossed!


  1. They are amazing. I look forward to seeing the Angler fish

  2. You are an inspiration to the dabblers among us, Screamstress...looking good!

  3. Wow - fantastic!!! You're so creative and yep absolutely an inspiration.


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