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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Queensland Flood Appeal Auction

All over blogland, online auctions are being held to help raise money for the Queensland Flood Appeal.
I am auctioning a handmade elephant soft toy, and a fully lined childs' apron. 
Auction DOES NOT include the child.
1) The bidding will start at $10 (Australian), and will run on this blog from now until Monday, the 24th of January at 9am

2)You will be bidding in whole dollar amounts, leaving a comment and your email address with your bid amount in the comment section of this post

3)All postage costs will be covered by me, anywhere in the world

4)If you are the winner, I will contact you via email at the close of auction. You will then pay your winning bid to the Premier's Flood Appeal and forward the invoice and receipt number on to me. Once I have received confirmation of payment I can get your package into the post for you. Any donation over $2 to this appeal is also tax deductible (in Australia), so it's really win win.
If this isn't to your taste, click the button on the right to check out the list of everyone elses auctions.
Happy Bidding!


  1. He he he just had to comment that i'm a mum of twins too (9y.o. ones you don't need to scream at) plus extra singles, i was thinking "great auction, a child too" alas, child not included!! $30 thanks, no need for any of it with my older children but hey, cute nonetheless!! Love Posie

  2. Your stuff is so cute Screamstress, $50
    Gemma xoxo

  3. Thanks Em - lovely idea - $75
    love Jacinta


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