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Friday, December 10, 2010

A Happy List

Happy... Happy? HAPPY!
Over at Fox's Lane, Kate has started a meme about simple things that make her happy.  I think it is a wonderful, unpretentious and genuinely uplifting idea.  So, eyes closed, here goes, stream of consciousness, what makes me feel happy?
kneading pizza dough

my daughter's breath

running a hand over the back of a quilt and feeling all the stitches

Panda chest hair

when my kids call me 'beautiful mummy'

driving by myself with the radio on

my mothers white fluffy hair

suspecting the kids of being naughty and discovering they're just playing together quietly

slightly crunchy warm sundried washing
feedback on my blog from people who understand what I'm on about!


  1. Love, love, love your list!
    Me too to all of them except my Mum doesn't have white fluffy hair.
    I hope you and your gang have an ace weekend.
    Thanks so much for playing. I really love your list.

  2. Love you list too. suspecting the kids of being naughty and discovering they're just playing together quietly This one should be on my list too :D

  3. absolutely wonderful list! love them all, especially the kids playing and the beautiful mummy! ohh, and cruchy sundried towel off the line ♥
    happy weekend ♥

  4. Love driving by myself with the radio on! Nobody to say, "No, I want a girl singing and a man talking! No! That's a man singing!"

  5. You have a beautiful heartwarming list. Cherrie

  6. OHhhhh YES ... LOVE, LUV, LURRVE Your list ... it's brilliant and put a huge smile on my dial. Stay Happy. xoxo

  7. Truly lovely list, I adore your happy!


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