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Monday, September 13, 2010

The Panda is Back!

 The Panda is back!  After four weeks absence, it is wonderful to have our family back together.  Something has to 'give' when he is away, and computer time is it. 
I have also really taken to heart Clutterpunk's montasking ethos, and have tried to give up feeling like I should be doing something else, or just more.  So, this is what I have been enjoying lately...
Lots of rain, and I have resigned myself to repeatedly fetching towels and putting clothes in the washing machine.
I have continued to entertain myself with painting names and graphics on things to skate in (nobody does THAT much skating though!)
I'm quilting the worst kept secret quilt in the world.
The quilt of disarray stalled for a while, until I figured out the problem- it was all too neat, the leaves too flat and perfect.  So I shoved  them in a sock and put them through the wash. Now they are slightly frayed, slightly crumpled and crunchy looking - perfect!

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  1. Oh I hear you! My hubby has been working mad, mad hours for the last month - he might as well be away! Not much computer time this end either! Family time is much more important


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