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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My World

I have been enjoying adventuring, and dreaming of quiet.
It is autumn school holidays, and the Panda has been working non-stop.
When I reverse the car, the acorns roll across the roof.
 A raw prawn, requested by a friend.
An odd co-incidence, the fabric told me to make a seadragon, and send it to a dear friend.  So I did, with such haste I didn't even take a photo.  I found out afterwards that she was in the midst of a personal upheaval at the very time I was sewing it.
 Ruffly superstar derby knickers, one idea finished, many more waiting for a hole in my time and space when I could actually sew.
A bonfire rages over my team's new logo and uniform, and it seems all the rats are running in different directions.  Fabric does not make a team.

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